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Galapagos – 2014

Once upon a time Audrey and Richard had lots of great adventures together. One day they decided to have kids, their biggest adventure ever. Along came Erin and Kendra, they were all very happy and wanted to have great family adventures together. So, Audrey and Richard packed up the kids and travelled happily ever after, well, most of the time!

BYOK is a travel website to inspire outdoor activities and travel with your kids. Bring Your Own Kids was inspired by my passion to explore outdoor places at my kid’s pace. We live in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where there are loads of opportunities for exploration and outdoor adventure. We also venture much further away.

We have traveled with our kids since their beginning, my motto is: “kids are packable”. We took advantage of the fact that kids under two years old fly for free (on most airlines) and my oldest daughter visited five countries by the time we had to pay for her seat.

Our girls love to travel and we love to travel with them and without them. Since my husband and I are avid adventure travellers sometimes our missions are too ambitious for the kids, and they stay home and enjoy time with their Nana.

This website has inspirational stories, as well as, the good, the bad and the yucky! There are gear reviews and useful tips for traveling with and without kids. It’s a change of speed but a wonderful adventure when you Bring Your Own Kids…and the adventure never ends.

A bit about my family:

Richard – My wonderful husband is an avid adventurer and outdoor photographer. He loves being a dad and planning our adventures together. His favourite flavour of ice cream is Chocolate Rolo. Richard’s endless patience and dedication helped make this website a reality.

Erin (born 2004) – Big sister, a.k.a the divine ruler. She is super cool, loves to travel, read and read books about travel. Her favourite flavour of ice cream is Crème Brûlée. Erin is happiest on her bike and in the water.

Kendra (born 2007) – Cutest little sister ever. She is on-the-go from the moment her eyes open. She loves animals so much and wants to become a vegetarian veterinarian. Her favourite flavour of ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip (same as me). Kendra is an awesome climber and ice skater.

Photo of AW

Audrey Wheeler

Early Hiking

Erin & Kendra – Early Hiking