Me and My Sea Otter

I tucked Erin into the cockpit, my tiny passenger just fit between my legs. A clear blue garbage bag tied closed around her chest kept her dry on our first sea kayaking adventure at Telegraph Cove, BC. We settled into the flow of the sea. Erin’s tiny fingers glided through the salty water. She grabbed hold […]

Flying High in Norway

I’ve cinched into a harness, licked into my skis and hooked myself to a nine metre kite. Where am I?  – Flying high in Haugastol Norway, probably the best place on the planet for snow-kiting with its multitude of frozen lakes connected by an infinite vista of rolling hills covered in snow from October to […]

Two Kids, Five Days and Forty-Nine Palms

Travelling with our kids to Joshua Tree, California was more than a climbing trip. We mixed it up with climbing, bouldering, hiking and lots of laughter. We explored a new place and enjoyed being together as a family. It was not always fun, there was extra tired times, whining times for all of us and […]

Indian Cove – Joshua Tree

Another day in our dessert paradise – day 3 we went to Indian Cove. A campground surrounded by a spectacular and endless climbing mecca, just like the other campgrounds in Joshua Tree National park, no wonder they were full to capacity. In fact, I would actually recommend camping here as opposed to renting a house, […]

Bouldering The Blob

Back at Joshua Tree National Park this morning we scrambled The Blob – that’s exactly what it looked like, a huge rock blob. Richard led the way as we scrambled over the giant blob of boulders. We explored and discovered a route over this three dimensional puzzle,  ascending granite slabs and creeping under massive rock […]

Did Joshua Tree Inspire Dr. Seuss?

Perhaps Dr. Seuss was inspired by Joshua Tree, with its crazy curly trees, huge boulders and wildly arched rock formations. If you’ve been to Joshua Tree and you are a Dr. Seuss fan, like me – tell me what you think. First day out and we were the first party at the Quail Spring crag […]

The Evolution of Kendra the Climber

Kendra climbed anything and everything vertical when she was one year old. It’s been easy to nurture her love to scale vertical walls indoors and outdoors. She is a natural climber, strong, flexible and tenacious. Kendra is always ready to challenge herself. Last summer Kendra said; “The climbing wall in the backyard is too easy, […]

Top 5 – Living with Kids in the Mountains

My Top 5 Fabs: 1. There is never a shortage of rocks to play with. 2. ‘Snow-bows’, like rainbows but with snow. 3. When my girls notice the alpenglow on the peaks around town. 4. There is always somewhere to go hiking. 5. First snowfall of the season, it’s always magical, even in September. My Top […]

Squelchy Mud + Kids = Fun

We explore and learn together. The exceptionally warm, sunny February weather beckoned us outdoors for a family walk on Sunday afternoon. With old clothes on and rubber boots – just in case we found mud – we headed down Cougar Creek toward the Bow River. A walk with my kids is a lot like a […]

The Infamous Lost Mitt – Inspired Advice

I dug through the smelly lost and found bin again to find the infamous lost mitt – this was becoming a weekly task. The lost and found bins at school are one of many I need to check regularly. There is also one at the pool, the climbing gym and the library but the smelliest […]

Parents Day to Play

A Sunday to play without the kids – a parent’s time to recharge our batteries. We drove into the Ghost River area for a day of ice climbing, the first time with our four-wheel drive vehicle. The drive itself almost made ice climbing seem boring. We scouted out the north route on a semi-frozen river […]


As a Travel Writer I can provide entertaining and informative articles with original photographs from the following places we’ve travelled to with our kids: Badlands (Alberta), Belize, Canadian Rocky Mountains, England, France, Galapagos Islands, Mindo (Cloud Forest, Ecuador), Moab (Utah, USA), Scotland, Vancouver Island, Yellowstone National Park (USA). I bring a huge variety of experiences […]

Backcountry with Baby

A four hour ski with a four month old baby – no problem, right? Erin started to cry the minute we loaded her into the Chariot. Elks Lakes Cabin in BC, one of the Alpine Club of Canada’s backcountry huts, seemed like a good place for our first family backcountry adventure. It was an easy […]

Adventures in Cooking – 3 Good Ideas

Stove Top Marshmallows After a four-hour uphill hike to Taylor Lake, the sign read ‘no fires’ and dad packed marshmallows. “Now what, we can’t eat marshmallows raw!” Erin said. Super Dad whips out the rocket-fuel powered camp stove and Voila – Fire! We had stove-top marshmallows and happy campers. Fab Fondue I heard, “Are we […]

Keen on KEEN

I’ve worn KEEN sandals for years and when I discovered that KEEN made hiking shoes for kids I was thrilled. They are durable, with an easy lacing toggle that little hikers can manage independently and grippy on rock and water resistant except for knee-deep puddles which are like a magnet to my kids. The first […]

Have a Ball!

Sweet fun in the sun! Here’s a great way to get the kids rolling outside with the reward of a tasty treat. This ice cream ball is a simple concept, a metal cylinder inside gets pre-chilled in the freezer, add the ingredients and shake it until it’s firm enough to eat, about twenty minutes. My […]

Backpacking Ups and Downs

All about backpacking around the Skoki loop in the Canadian Rockies. Would we survive the mosquitos and an untried dehydrated breakfast?