The Infamous Lost Mitt – Inspired Advice

I dug through the smelly lost and found bin again to find the infamous lost mitt – this was becoming a weekly task. The lost and found bins at school are one of many I need to check regularly. There is also one at the pool, the climbing gym and the library but the smelliest […]

Adventures in Cooking – 3 Good Ideas

Stove Top Marshmallows After a four-hour uphill hike to Taylor Lake, the sign read ‘no fires’ and dad packed marshmallows. “Now what, we can’t eat marshmallows raw!” Erin said. Super Dad whips out the rocket-fuel powered camp stove and Voila – Fire! We had stove-top marshmallows and happy campers. Fab Fondue I heard, “Are we […]

Have a Ball!

Sweet fun in the sun! Here’s a great way to get the kids rolling outside with the reward of a tasty treat. This ice cream ball is a simple concept, a metal cylinder inside gets pre-chilled in the freezer, add the ingredients and shake it until it’s firm enough to eat, about twenty minutes. My […]