Indian Cove – Joshua Tree

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother day in our dessert paradise – day 3 we went to Indian Cove. A campground surrounded by a spectacular and endless climbing mecca, just like the other campgrounds in Joshua Tree National park, no wonder they were full to capacity. In fact, I would actually recommend camping here as opposed to renting a house, or staying in a hotel.

Although the campground has no shower facilities, which may turn off some campers, it has to be one of the most awesome camp grounds on the planet. The town is unimpressive but the National Park is nothing but impressive. Steps away from the many campsites are endless climbing, scrambling, bouldering and hiking to explore. I wish we had chosen to camp but with Westjet’s new extra charge for checked baggage, it added a great deal to the expense of our trip.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALearning something new is always good. Today Richard showed us how to jam, no musical instruments or strawberries were involved. Jamming is a climbing techniques used in crack climbing where the climbers hands and feet are literally ‘jammed’ into the crack in the rock, the climber then pulls or pushes on the appendage to gain height on the climb. Yes, it’s painful but I was thrilled when I managed to jam the crack I was climbing to the top!

We have one more day here before heading back to Canmore and we plan to enjoy hiking into an oasis at 49 Palms. But we will be back and we will camp if we’re lucky enough to get secure a camp site. It takes a little more planning but the experience will be worth it based on these happy faces.

I will post more “How to Make This Happen” details shortly, with logistical information and planning tips.



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