Joshua Tree – Just Arrived

After a whirlwind of packing, we flew to Palm Springs California today for a rock climbing holiday during the kid’s Spring Break. A Westjet seatsale inspired this trip in January. We thought it would be nice to enjoy a little warmer weather while we waited for ‘real’ spring, which in Canmore, usually comes in June. Our crystal ball was on-the-fritz so little did we know that Canmore would experience all time record high temperatures in March and Palm Springs was forecasted to be 39 C when we arrived on March 29th.

Peeled off the fleece layers at the airport as soon as possible, Kendra hugged a few palm trees and we set off for a forty minute drive to Joshua Tree. We scored mangos for 67 cents at the grocery store, gotta like California fruit.

Arriving late, we did the drive in the dark, the towering palm trees were impressive and I can hardly wait the see the magnificence of this dessert place in the daytime. Orion’s belt was clearly visible outside our rented house. The kids are now tucked into bed. The high for tomorrow is expected to be 88 F (31 C for us Canadians). We’re planning on climbing in the morning before the rock gets too ‘ooh’ hot.

Time to tuck ourselves in and rejuvenate for tomorrow’s big day of climbing.

More tomorrow, stayed tuned.

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