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I’ve worn KEEN sandals for years and when I discovered that KEEN made hiking shoes for kids I was thrilled. They are durable, with an easy lacing toggle that little hikers can manage independently and grippy on rock and water resistant except for knee-deep puddles which are like a magnet to my kids.

The first summer the girls could walk with shoes on their tiny feet was the first summer we started hiking. Shoe shopping with my kids was a nightmare. We had to wrestle Erin to the ground to get her to try on a shoe that wasn’t pink.

Since good hiking shoes are important, I did my shoe research on the Internet before venturing to the store for final sizing. I also buy good hiking socks, they can prevent blisters and add welcomed cushioning and comfort, even if you buy only one pair. If you’re lucky enough to find hiking shoes and socks in the same store try them on together for the best fit.

KEEN also makes water sandals that protect my kids feet with super grippy soles which are ideal for warmer weather, beaches and perfect for paddle sports and puddles. We have had a few issues with blisters when walking with wet feet in wet sandals. So I add a thin sock and pack super sticky band-aids.

Happy feet, happy hikers!

We all wear them, we’re a KEEN family.



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