Me and My Sea Otter


Telegraph Cove, BC

I tucked Erin into the cockpit, my tiny passenger just fit between my legs. A clear blue garbage bag tied closed around her chest kept her dry on our first sea kayaking adventure at Telegraph Cove, BC.

We settled into the flow of the sea. Erin’s tiny fingers glided through the salty water. She grabbed hold of a floating sea plant, she tasted it of course and made the ‘yuk’ face – too salty.

EB Helping Paddle

Erin 3 – Vancouver Island

We silently glided along the shore and watched for Orcas who pass through in the summer. We spotted dozens of bald eagles high in the trees, no doubt scouting the ocean for a salmon dinner. Back at shore,

Erin said: “Again, again!”

That’s when I knew she was my little sea otter. To share my love for paddling with my eighteen-month old daughter was magical.

EB+AW 1st Lake Paddle

Lac Des Arc – Canmore, AB

Erin is always excited and ready for an adventure, anytime and anywhere. We’ve had many padding trips on local lakes and rivers, and several trips to Vancouver Island. We’re planning a local paddling trip together this summer. Not sure where, but paddling with my sea otter is bound to be fun since Erin loves the water as much as I do.

EB AW Paddle The Kan

Lower Kananaskis River, AB

EB Solo

Solo practice near shore – Erin 6


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