The Evolution of Kendra the Climber

KB Clmbing Stove2Kendra climbed anything and everything vertical when she was one year old. It’s been easy to nurture her love to scale vertical walls indoors and outdoors. She is a natural climber, strong, flexible and tenacious. Kendra is always ready to challenge herself.

Last summer Kendra said;

KB Climbing Barefoot“The climbing wall in the backyard is too easy, do you think daddy can make it harder?”

“Yes he can, and he’d love to do that for you.”

The outdoor playhouse evolved. The second floor was removed. Climbing holds were placed strategically up the walls and across the ceiling, it was much more challenging. We also flipped the big climbing wall backward to make a negative slope and added thick crash matts on the floor.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot only did we satisfy Kendra’s vertical addition but the playhouse renovation also added a swing and a rope ladder -Erin’s brilliant idea. They both enjoy the new features and the additional challenge.

Nurturing and satisfying our kid’s desire for activity is one of the best parts about being a parent.

We will take our first family climbing trip during the Spring Break to have some fun and practise our skills on the boulders and crags of Joshua Tree, California. I am also planning a sea kayaking trip with Erin this summer. She is like a little sea otter, truly a water girl, just like me.


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