The Infamous Lost Mitt – Inspired Advice

shutterstock_907512-2I dug through the smelly lost and found bin again to find the infamous lost mitt – this was becoming a weekly task.

The lost and found bins at school are one of many I need to check regularly. There is also one at the pool, the climbing gym and the library but the smelliest one so far was at the skating arena. Chock full of the stinkiest abandoned hockey gear. The wretched smell of stale sweat wafted from the over-sized plastic bin. The quick search was rewarding, thankfully the lost item was on top.

I complained about my smelly ordeal to a friend and she offered a piece of inspired advice. When her daughter lost a good pair of mitts, she rooted through the large bucket of second-hand mitts at the local thrift shop. She purchased the ugliest, tattered pair of mitts that she could find to replace the lost pair. Her daughter had to wear these awful mitts to school. Her kids don’t lose their mitts anymore.

All I needed to do to inspire my kids to keep better track of their mitts was to relay this awesome piece of advice. They have not lost a mitt since then. Thanks for the advice L.

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