Adventures in Cooking – 3 Good Ideas

Taylor Lake-01982

Stove Top Marshmallows

After a four-hour uphill hike to Taylor Lake, the sign read ‘no fires’ and dad packed marshmallows.

“Now what, we can’t eat marshmallows raw!” Erin said.

Super Dad whips out the rocket-fuel powered camp stove and Voila – Fire! We had stove-top marshmallows and happy campers.

Kendra FondueFab Fondue

I heard, “Are we there yet?” too many times from the backseat – and everyone was tired and hungry.

Fresh crusty bread, pre-chopped veggies and ooey-gooey cheese fondue made a scrumptious first night camp meal after a long drive to Drumheller.

Pre-taste or Protest

I pre-tasted my recipes for dehydrated spaghetti sauce and chili before a climbing venture to Bugaboos Provincial Park, BC. Good thing too because the re-hydration process takes at least one hour for the meal to become a palatable again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t follow the same good judgement when I prepared for a backpacking trip into the Skoki Valley with my kids. As a result, we regrettably carried out the inedible brown mush that was supposed to be breakfast – so much for saving weight!

I was suspicious when the recipe called for one full cup of wheat germ, that is a lot, and I doubled the recipe. Double yuk!

From now on, I taste before I pack.

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