Parents Day to Play

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA Sunday to play without the kids – a parent’s time to recharge our batteries.

We drove into the Ghost River area for a day of ice climbing, the first time with our four-wheel drive vehicle. The drive itself almost made ice climbing seem boring.

We scouted out the north route on a semi-frozen river bed from the comfort of our Toyota 4-Runner. We crept along the blue ice toward the river crossing point as it gradually softened to slush.


An ice shelf broke and the front-right wheel plunged down. My heart pounded as Richard slowly backed up the truck to more solid ice. We could see the river flowing ahead but it was too risky to cross safely so we went back along the solid river bed to the south climbing area.

ice climbing 2015-02974We shouldered our packs and headed for ‘Sunshine’, a Class-3 ice climb. We bush-whacked an hour and a half up steep slippery terrain and battled tree branches until we reached a belay station for the climb. Where was the ice? Thin and bare in the lower sections. The warmer weather in late January melted it out. We had to turn back.

We decided to rappel the terrain from the belay station since we were there and it was there – why not. I descended the steep snow covered slope and dropped over the cliff bands where the ice should have been. We did four rappels to the bottom of the valley. Good winter ‘rap’ practise.

It was a nice day out, a bit of excitement, and we got some exercise. How was your Sunday?

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