Have a Ball!


Ice Cream Ball

Sweet fun in the sun! Here’s a great way to get the kids rolling outside with the reward of a tasty treat.

This ice cream ball is a simple concept, a metal cylinder inside gets pre-chilled in the freezer, add the ingredients and shake it until it’s firm enough to eat, about twenty minutes.

My kids came up with some very creative ways to shake, rattle and roll their ice cream ball. They rolled it up and down the slide, kicked it around the backyard and bounced it in the hammock. With spoons ready they jostled to dig in and devour our homemade cinnamon ice cream. I heard the “mmmm” of approval as the semi-frozen treat dipped down their chins on that hot summer day.

This ice cream ball is available on Amazon and comes in many colours with lots of ice cream recipes.


cinna’mmmm’mon ice cream


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