Squelchy Mud + Kids = Fun

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe explore and learn together. The exceptionally warm, sunny February weather beckoned us outdoors for a family walk on Sunday afternoon. With old clothes on and rubber boots – just in case we found mud – we headed down Cougar Creek toward the Bow River. A walk with my kids is a lot like a walk with an off-leash dog. They zig and they zag all over the place, run ahead and run back, most certainly double the number of steps that I walk.

We quickly found crickly-crackly ice puddles. Anyone for a little practical physics? Kendra tested the ice puddle’s strength. Would it hold forty-eight pounds of kid?

‘Crunch’, not that one. She tried another. Yes, that ice puddle was thicker. Another physics test – How long would an ice puddle last with sixty-five pounds of jumping force? Erin pounded on the ice, a circle of cracks spread under her boots – three jumps, four jumps, she finally crashed through almost to her knees.

“It’s cold!” she expressed the obvious and picked ice chunks out of her left boot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally as we approached the river – mud, mud, glorious gloopy mud! We wiggled our boots down into the soft mud and enjoyed the squelchy sounds as we lifted our boots from the highly viscous mud. Erin and Richard played giant tic-tac-toe while Kendra made mud balls. Mission accomplished – we got dirty.

As we watched a small island of ice, a ‘mini-berg’ floated down the river. I pointed out how ice shelves form along river banks and they can break off. We chatted about how to stay safe along a river in the winter time. My advise to them was simple:

“Look at your feet, you need to see solid ground under your feet to know for certain you are a safe distance from the river’s edge.”

We walked and talked for about three hours and travelled about two kilometres from our house. I’m sure the girls added many more steps as they zigged and zagged back home.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“That was the best day ever!” Erin said as she sipped hot chocolate.

We all agreed. Outdoors + Family = Fun

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